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We’re Back and We’re Hiring

Hamilton/Nanticoke, Ontario – (December 2, 2016) Once again the Stelco flag is flying high above the company’s iconic steelmaking facilities in Hamilton and Nanticoke, Ontario. For over 100 years, the Stelco brand has stood for quality Canadian steel and craftsmanship. Today, the company is proud to introduce the new Stelco – one that is prepared for the future.

Reforging the Stelco brand, the company held a historic flag-raising ceremony at its Hamilton and Lake Erie facilities today where Stelco employees celebrated with local leaders.

Building on a foundation of more than a century of Canadian craftsmanship and innovation, the Stelco family is growing. In the days and weeks ahead, Stelco will be launching a recruitment drive to bring the next generation of steelworkers into its workforce to support several key professional areas, including sales, finance, operations and information technologies (IT). 

Powered by Canadian innovation, Stelco’s operations in Hamilton and Nanticoke reflect the strength of each community. Fully integrated, these industry-leading facilities are among the most safe, environmentally progressive, and productive steel plants in the world. Together, more than 2,000 innovative and dedicated employees work to produce over two million tons of high-quality steel products each year.

Quality people making quality products is the cornerstone of Stelco’s future growth.  The company’s growth plan is built on a foundation of innovative employees and advanced technology engineered around the needs of customers in a workplace culture committed to safety, continuous learning, and wellness.  


Hamilton Works (HW)                                                          

  • Commissioned in 1905 and located on Hamilton Harbour in Hamilton, Ontario, HW currently employs over 750 people.  Unionized employees are represented by United Steelworkers Local 1005 (“Local 1005”).

  • This location provides Stelco with access to the Great Lakes and the St Lawrence Seaway system.

  • Currently, HW is a producer of coke to support operations at Lake Erie Works and is home to Stelco’s cold rolled and coated steel production facilities.

  • Hamilton Works’ skilled employees produce world-leading galvanized and galvannealed sheet steel that serves important Canadian sectors such as the automotive, agriculture and infrastructure industries.

  • The 18-storey Z-Line is a world leader that annually produces 470,000 tons of coated products with excellent surface quality, corrosion resistance and formability.

Lake Erie Works

  • Commissioned in 1980 and located in Nanticoke, Ontario, Lake Erie Works currently employs almost 1,400 people.  Unionized employees are represented by United Steelworkers Local 8782 (“Local 8782”) and by United Steelworkers Local 8782(B) (“Local 8782(B)”).

  • Lake Erie Works is one of North America’s most modern and capable steel facilities, is the newest greenfield integrated steel making facility, and serves as an industry flagship of productivity and environmental innovation.   

  • Lake Erie Works consists of a coke battery, blast furnace, two steel making vessels, a twin-strand slab caster, a hot strip mill and three pickling lines.

  • In addition to providing primary products for value-added finishing at Hamilton Works, Lake Erie Works effectively and reliably integrates Stelco products into customer supply chains for just- in-time delivery.

  • Lake Erie Works contains 6,600 acres of property zoned as industrial land with a 1.2km dock on Lake Erie able to receive St Lawrence Seaway dimension ships.



“Today begins a new era for Stelco.  One that is built on a legacy of pride, but one that presents great opportunity for our company, our employees and our community going forward, a New Stelco.”

“The Canadian landscape is coloured with Stelco steel, and today we are returning to our roots with every intention of continuing that legacy for another century. “

“I could not be more proud than to announce that starting today, we are beginning the process of hiring the next generation of steel workers at Stelco. This recruitment exercise is another critical step towards becoming an independent Canadian steel company. ”

“A little over a year ago we began a process of re-establishing ourselves as an independent Canadian steel company. Today's announcement is another critical milestone as we continue down that path.”

--Michael McQuade, President and General Manager, Stelco


Powered by Canadian craftsmanship, Stelco’s operations in Hamilton and Nanticoke reflect the strength of each community. Together employing more than 2,200 people, these full integrated, industry-leading facilities are among the most safe, environmentally progressive, and productive steel plants in the world.  Hamilton Works is located on the shore of Lake Ontario in Hamilton, Ontario. Lake Erie Works is about an hour’s drive south, and is located in Nanticoke, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie. Stelco produces high-quality steel that is used primarily in the North American automotive, construction, infrastructure, appliance, manufacturing and pipe and tube industries.





Trevor Harris

Director - Government and Public Affairs, Stelco

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