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Hamilton CLC

At Stelco, we recognize that the earth is a shared and finite resource that we all must safeguard for our future. We will continue to exercise responsible stewardship over the environment we share to benefit generations to come.

To better inform the community of our business and ongoing activities related to environmental improvements at Hamilton Works, we have formed a Community Liaison Committee (CLC). This CLC provides a mechanism for ongoing and proactive discussion among local community members, Stelco and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

June 2019 Meeting 

February 2019 Meeting (postponed to March 2019 due to inclement weather)

October 2018 Meeting:

June 2018 Meeting:

September 2017 Meeting:

June 2017 Meeting:

January 2017 Meeting:

October 2016 Meeting:


May 2016 Meeting:


October 2015 Meeting: