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Compliance & Reports

Stelco Environmental Policy

At Stelco, we are committed to being an environmentally responsible company; to the protection of the environment; and, to the prevention of pollution.Please click on the following link to view Stelco’s Environmental Policy.


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Toxics Reduction Reports

As part of our on-going effort to improve the sustainability of our operations, Stelco has developed reports regarding the creation and use of substances listed in Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Act. Our annual reports quantify the creation, release and disposal of listed substances as required under Ontario Regulation 455/09, as well as lay out our plans to make reductions wherever possible.

Environmental sustainability remains a core value of Stelco and we remain committed to adopting management systems and best practices that foster continuous improvement in our processes. We do this because Stelco is more than a leader in the steel industry; we are your friends, neighbours and community partners. Our nearly 2,300 employees live and work in the same communities as you. We breathe the same air, drink the same water and share the same hopes and dreams for our families.

To view the Stelco Reports under the Toxics Reduction Act (Ontario Regulation 455/09), please click the appropriate links below:

Hamilton Works – Annual Summary Reports:


Lake Erie Works – Annual Summary Reports:


Toxics Reduction Plan Summaries:

Emergency Preparedness

Stelco has identified, prepared and implemented plans for regulated substances subject to the Environmental Emergency Regulations. Click this link to learn more.